Welcome to Wander Forrest! This is the travel blog of Danielle and Ryan Forrest, join us as we travel and work remotely!


While our travels started in December 2015, it’s really been years in the making. I (Danielle) was working my first “real job” after graduating when I read The Four Hour Work Week. I was inspired to start a business that could run without me and allow us to take mini retirements throughout our lives. While I thought of my job as unpleasant at the time (customer service rep at a telecommunications company), it was a stop long the way. Without that I may have not been as driven to find a way out of that corporate lifestyle.

Verde Lifestyles, our first business, was created out of that experience. To fast forward 7 years, we have now sold that first business, have started 2 others, have moved all of our belongings into storage, and are spending 2016 traveling while working remotely.

Follow long on our adventures and tell us about yours! We’d love to hear from you.

Danielle & Ryan Forrest

P.S. If you want to learn more about our businesses, check out FungiMarketing.com and JoyWorksMarketing.com.