The path ahead forks out in too many directions. 

How can I possibly choose just one?

Looking behind, there was only one possible outcome. 

The road on either side is only a little clear directly before and after.

At greater distances, it fades to blackness. 

I stand alone with the beacon of the present moment.

I mustn’t dwell too long here, there is still work to be done. 

With darkness closing in, I proceed forward, one step at a time.

Suddenly the path ahead clears a little, keep moving. 

With each step, little beacons light up in the distance.

I gravitate instinctively toward the brighter bits. 

My pace quickens to a job, then a run, then a sprint!

Air hits my face, fills my lungs, pushes me faster and faster. 

A bolt of lightning bursts out of the ground at my feet.

It cracks and bends in front of me, illuminating the way. 

Off in the distance, it meets its target and a golden orb begins rising from the point.

Beautiful yellows, purples, and blues emerge, welcoming the dawn. 

I slow my pace to a walk, I cannot miss this beautiful sight.

The new day is filled with wonder, opportunity, hope and challenges. 

I encounter others as their own paths cross mine.

I seek to help those struggling on their own paths.

In turn, I seek guidance from those whose paths are providing an abundant and enviable fulfillment.

I realize I am no longer afraid, for I shed my fear the moment I took that first step earlier. 

Besides, there is too much work to be done, too much of the present to explore.

Before I know it, the day is winding down. 

I am exhausted, my feet are sore, my legs burn from miles and miles of discovery.

I crash into a soft pillow and a warm cozy bed, what a fantastic day. 

The final leg of today’s journey has ended and it is time to recharge.

A new sort of blackness is circling now, peace, reflection, satisfaction.

I welcome them with open arms and retreat into the simple nothingness of sleep.