It’s a calm overcast morning here on Split’s Riva. I’m onto my second kava Americana, which is helping to wake me up and keep me warm. Burra came through yesterday, blowing all of Jugo’s debris out to sea so we are left with a clear head and slightly cooler temps.



It’s hard to believe that two months ago we were in our final preparations for this trip, full of excitement, anticipation and anxiety. If Split has taught me anything, it is to slow down and take in all my surroundings (good and bad). It is amazing how many friends we’ve made these last two months, how just being willing to introduce ourselves to a stranger and have a conversation with them can open doors to amazing new adventures.

For instance, had we not gone to Co-Working Split, we wouldn’t have gotten to know Carly and Miguel, who introduced us to the whole expat community. Had they not had us over for tea that following Sunday, we wouldn’t have met Patrick and Terry. Had we not met them, we wouldn’t have met Danna and Ivo. No adventures on Goat Mountain with Michael, Michael, Dino, Cici, Vedran, Alenna, Yoosuf and Maria. No Goats On The Road. No massage by Blaž and dinner conversations with Pete. No connections in Bologna or Japan. That simple act of reaching out to connect and asking for help has made this a completely different and more amazing experience than we could have ever asked for.

Saturday morning we’ll be on the seaplane crossing the Adriatic, saying goodbye to Croatia and hello to Italy. While we’re super excited to begin the next leg of our journey, we will truly miss our new friends, as well as unique adventures, food and daily routines that will live in our minds and hearts for years to come.

– R